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Sunset Tide

Sunset Tide

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Original high quality painting

Original painting on high quality canvas, painted by Lana Guise.

Processing time 3 business days

The painting will be varnished and prepared for shipping in 3 business days.

Quick shipping via FedEx or Ups

You will receive an order update with all shipping details and tracking number.

Certificate of authenticity provided

Each painting will be shipped with its Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist

"Sunset Tide" is an abstract painting that radiates a captivating blend of yellow, orange, and teal hues, evoking the serene yet vibrant energy of a sunset over water.
The interplay of warm oranges and yellows with cool teals creates a dynamic contrast, reminiscent of the sun dipping below the horizon and casting its glow upon the waves. The fluid brushstrokes and layered textures capture the movement and reflection of light on the water, imbuing the painting with a sense of fluidity and depth.

When placed in a room, "Sunset Tide" transforms the space by infusing it with warmth and tranquility.
The bright, warm colors evoke a cozy, inviting atmosphere, while the teal tones add a refreshing, calming element.
This painting serves as a focal point, drawing the eye and inviting viewers to lose themselves in its soothing yet energizing palette. It enhances the room's ambiance, making it feel more vibrant and alive, yet simultaneously serene and contemplative, perfect for both relaxation and inspiration.

Original painting on high quality canvas, painted with acrylic colors. Palette knife was used to shape painting’s texture and make it tridimensional.

All my paintings are coated with 2 layers of varnish in order to protect the painting from dust and UV rays, you can clean it with a damp cloth or dust with dusting feather.

Painting is shipped in a cardboard tube or box, depending on the option you choose, with FedEx or UPS and it’s insured against lost or damage during transport.

If you have queries, contact me and I’ll be glad to clarify and answer all questions.

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