Biography Palette Knife Original Oil Paintings On Canvas By Lana Guise

Lana Guise has always been an artist.
Since she was a child she has been passionate about art. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna in 2009.

Art through an artist's eyes. Painting means communication for artists, it is used as a language to express their ideas and thoughts, vision that an artist has of the world and of what happens in it, it means putting the reality of every day life on canvas by means of colors and shapes. It is innovation, the eye of the world that looks into the future, or carefully observes the past, a tradition that has evolved through centuries according to strict rules or freedom. Painting it is the meeting point between who creates and who watches, between an artist's idea and its representation on canvas. Art is the reason of an artist's life, the fine line that links the hand of who creates to their soul, a strong bond inside of you that overwhelms you with the whirlwind of a thousand emotions, without which you cannot do if you are an artist.

Concept of painting. My works are initially inspired by a fleeting thought that gives life to an idea that evolves, changes and transforms to become a painting in the process of creation. The works are created with respect for art, sincerity, innovation and each painting is original, unique and unrepeatable. All of the above thanks to mastery that requires time when the mind and the heart are working in unison witnessing the birth of a unique piece of art.
As an artist's hands work through determined moves leaving brush strokes on canvas and modeling colors in an agile and quite natural fashion, the picture begins to emerge and the idea becomes concrete as the artist removes and adds forms.
Oil paints, acrylic paints, brushes, palette knife are indispensable to convey textures, lights and shadows while creating, drawing lines and contours and going with the flow of fantasy.

Style of the artist. Style for an artist is vital because it gives them an identity and allows to recognize their works. Lana's style is imaginative and very virtuous. It is the result of years of work and research, which have helped learn new techniques and face many challenges to enrich her experience in the field of painting. Lana has a good command of the materials she uses to create, which makes her a very versatile artist: among her pictures you can find different subjects, such as landscapes, abstract and figurative paintings. Her style is very personal and expressive, in fact, it takes very few brush strokes to change the atmosphere of the whole picture. Stylized palaces, dynamic perspectives, volume to give a shape to the color, and many points of light to make a three-dimensional framework, these are the main aspects of her style that she calls modern impressionism.